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The kind of day the gear is designed for

Originally published on This Logophile Life, April 29, 2018 When we stepped out the front door of our hosteria in El Chalten that morning, the sky was black to the north. Mount Fitz Roy was visible, but wrapped in clouds. But off to the right, only the nearest […]

Good idea or great story?

Originally published on This Logophile Life, July 13, 2018 Yesterday, the motivational quote on my disposable cup (you know, the little paper ones for teeth-brushing) read, “It’s either a good idea – or – a good story.” My immediate thought went to book story ideas. What a myopic lens I’m viewing […]

When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut. Or a unicorn.

Originally published on This Logophile Life, June 8, 2018 Tonight, I attended my niece’s pre-school graduation. I’ve made fun of preschool and kindergarten graduations for years. Forgive me – I didn’t know what I was missing! Watching thirty-some five-year-olds sing and dance in miniature graduation robes was adorable. […]

Just like riding a bike

Originally published on This Logophile Life, July 22, 2018 Whomever coined the term “like riding a bike” assumed there was a certain level of coordination and skill to begin with. He (or she) might have picked an activity that’s impossible to forget, even for those of us who […]

Challenge accepted: Five days, carry-on only

Originally published on This Logophile Life, May 13, 2018 I’m doing a bit of paying it forward here. My obsession with packing began with a blog and I spent hours reading posts and watching YouTube videos learning from the best. So I feel compelled to share my favorite […]

Let’s get started!

Hey ladies (and gentlemen)! The idea for this site began years ago when I visited several friends’ new homes and noticed a peculiar pattern. Throughout the house, artwork, wedding portraits, posters and shelves were leaning against walls waiting to be hung. One friend confessed she was waiting for […]